*fingers crossed

Hey guys,

Haven’t been on here in bloody ages but that normally is a good thing.. Sadly not in a good place at the moment hence why I have turned back!


Not really sure how to deal with all of these demons in my head at the moment but thought talking might help me out a little. I have been all over the place at the moment with my panic attacks and not feeling good enough.

Booked a doctors appointment for tomorrow which is the first time I have openly spoken about what I need help with. That was a massive step for me to overcome but fingers crossed it’s the start of a new future for me! *VERY NERVOUS*

Finding it really hard to talk to anyone about how I am truly feeling at the moment as I just feel annoying and not strong enough! Hopefully I can start talking before i start to push everyone away.



This picture will from now on be in the back of my mind..

Sorry that my blogs aren’t very positive but hopefully they progress and I will be able to look back and be proud of who I have become 🙂

Thanks for reading


How have i not blogged for so long?!

The reason as to why I haven’t blogged for so long is that I found someone that made me the happiest girl in the world and I didn’t feel the need to blog and let everything  out but because I have done this I feel I have made myself worse than what I would have been if I kept blogging:-(

I feel like I will never be accepted due to the fact that I cannot accept myself, I hate everything about myself and I just want to feel truly happy but cant:-( I would love for everything to get better so I don’t have to cry to myself every night as its really becoming an everyday thing. Just when you think that everything is getting better but it’s not:-(

Is anyone there, sorry for not being online much


Saturday is keeping me going

Tumblr_quotes_swag-8Day nine of my blog ~

I feel so drained today and just down about not being able to stay on top of my work, sucks because I want to do well but I have 0 motivation.

I want Saturday to come so I can go to this party and just enjoy myself, I am very nervous about going to this party but I am pushing myself to go and just enjoy myself with my friends. I need to just live my life without a care in the world:-)

If I could change how I feel in life overnight I would but as the picture says I cant so therefore I am going to work until I am the happiest girl alive.

Not much to talk about in the week and all I do is get up go to sixth form, go home, eat dinner and go to bed but the weekends are normally when I am at my happiest as I get to enjoy time with my friends and not have to wake up at 7 am.

I love my family for being there for me’

So as you know I have horrible suicidal thoughts when alone or even when I am around people sometimes and I really felt like I needed to tell a family member so I told my nan. Its not because I can not speak to my mum I just really didn’t want to worry her and upset her so I thought telling my nan would be the best idea. So now my nan knows I feel like I can tell her every bad point in my day without her saying anything, she just listens which is what I need.

Talking has really helped me get somewhere and I hope it gets better as it goes on.

So overall today has been yet another shit week day but it’s Friday tomorrow and that is all that matters.

Thank you for reading my blog and visiting my page. Comment and follow my page if you like what I post:-)


Good vibes

Day eight of my blog~

I am so fed up of people promising me things and then letting me down all of the time, they clearly don’t get what it feels like but I don’t need people like that anymore. I really don’t agree with it so therefore I wont put up with it anymore.

But anyways moving on to the less negative part of my day..

I have started speaking to my old friend that I haven’t spoken to since school, we were so close and it feels so nice to finally get back in contact with her:)

I went out for dinner with my friends from sixth form and it was eat as much as you like, I am now so stuffed it is crazy. SOO worth it though.

I would upload a picture but my laptop is playing up so hopefully I will be able to upload one tomorrow!

So anyway today has been full of ups and downs but over all I can complain as I have surrounded myself with the best possible people that I could and I wouldn’t change them for the world. Need the negative ones to remove themselves now because they aren’t wanted anymore.

Anyway I will be back tomorrow hopefully with something better to talk about aye haha.

Thank you:-) ~ anxietyismylife

Bring on August

Day seven of my blog ~

So today I didn’t have to be in sixth form as I finished all my work thankfully but I kept waiting up every hour after a new nightmare which was pretty scary! My imagination goes wild when I am sleeping.

Once I decided to wake up I called my friends over to chill out and just chat.. We then decided we were going to go to reading festival!! Asked and okayed it with mum and she booked my ticket for my 18th birthday (which sadly is not until the 31st of August) so I finally have something to be excited about!


I will be here on the 26th of August until the 30th and then the next day I am 18! Being the youngest in my year sucks so bad but hey the count down is on!

If any of you have been to a festival before let me know on anything you think I should take with me and what to expect.. so nervous but yet so excited:)

So todays blog has been pretty positive so that means so has my day, thank you for reading and noticing my blog guys.

Blog again tomorrow ~ anxietyismylife’

Happy Monday 

Day six of my blog~ 

I can’t even describe what it makes me feel like just being dropped after trusting someone for so long. 

I trust too easily and I need to learn how I can put my guard up more😕 

The only things that gets me through the week is thinking about the weekend.

Weekdays are hard or me but I’m saying positive because I need to get better! 

Not worth the pain’

The best outcome of today was that I finished all of my work therefore I don’t have to go in tomorrow. 

Lye in sounds old to me😚 

Anyway I should probably get some sleep, my blog must look so boring to people but don’t worry.. It will get better! 

Onwards and upwards from here 😍

Thank-you for reading my blog, It means a lot ~ aniextyismylife’ 


Where is happiness?

Day five of my blog~ 

Start of the day was great, splashdown with one of my best friends and just chilling out! 

I got home and then everything just started to get me down and I’m fed up of feeling so down all the time😕 I want to know how to be happy all the time. 

This hit me hard because i am always the one to be hurt but I wonder if one day someone will be scared to lose me because that has never happened to me.

I don’t feel good enough for life let alone someone else, being happy needs to become easier!

I don’t need anyone but I just wish someone was there for me. 

But anyway fingers crossed Monday isn’t how it normally is, back again tomorrow😚 

Thank you, anxietyismylife’


Day four of my blog~ 

Today was the worse start to the day but it got so muc better! 

Had my friends with me all day, driving and just having a laugh! Had a Chinese at my house with them and I have just been smiling all day😋 

Park selfie- big kid really’ 

Upside down but do not have time to change it haha! Love my selfie stick lots. 

Overall today has been the best day of the week, thank you for reading!

I’m so glad my friends now know how I truly feel as they have really been there for me, SPLASHDOWN TOMORROW!!  

Sleep time it is ~ anxietyismylife’

Slow and steady 

Day 3 of the blog ~ 

Today I haven’t felt great but I feel that at sixth form I am making progress with my work so therefore that takes some stress away:) 

The one thing that has really got to me today is my ex will just randomly text me and it hurts me more than he thinks, ugh no heart what’s so ever! 

Anyway I got to go bowling with my friends today so it was lovely not to be stuck inside for once! 

Us at bowling’

There was more but they didn’t want a photo! I’m the one in the pink jumper, looking terrible as a well but hey ho💁 

Even though I came last I had a lot of fun, now is the worse time for me though! Getting into bed and just laying here alone, that’s when my mind goes off! 

I hope this weekend really makes me feel okay because I don’t want to feel alone on the weekends! Need find something to do! 

So overall today has been better than yesterday so that’s a start aye, here’s to tomorrow! 

Thank you for reading ( if you even got this far) 


Here we go again.

Day 2 of my blog ~

Today I lost my job so there is another thing to add to the list. I feel so low about everything and I wish there was something that made me happy.

I just want to know how to feel happy even for a day! My life surely shouldn’t feel this hard at 17. I feel for anyone who has anxiety because I truly know how tough it is to cope with it but take it from me don’t suffer alone! It makes everything so much harder.

Sorry if this isn’t what people want to read on here but it truly does make me feel that little bit better everyday knowing I can just come on here and write how I feel!

My favourite picture to read today is ‘

This is what I love to do at the moment as it really gives me some time out from the stress and I just get to shut everything out for a few hours.
Today hasn’t been the worse day I’ve had and I live for everyday to get better, fingers crossed!
I cant wait until I start to feel happy and I can write more positive posts on here.
I may be talking to myself but if you’re reading this then thank you for taking the time to read my blog